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Inspiring the love of dance - one dancer at a time.

Youth Dance Programs

We have a wide variety of classes for dancers ages 2.5 - 18 years. Read through our class options and let us know if we can help you find the perfect class!

Creative Movement
(2.5-3.5 years)

This is an introductory level of dance, introducing young dancers to the art of movement, self-expression, creativity and musicality. This class incorporates a combination of structured dance instruction as well as dance games and props. This class prepares students for more formal dance classes. Dancers will participate in a fun recital dance!

Tumble Tots Combo
(3.5-4.5 years)

Tumble Tots combo introduces dancers to the styles of acrobatics as well as ballet. Ballet is the foundation of all other dance styles and it’s never too early to explore the principles that ballet offers! Acro builds off of simple ballet techniques and explores new tricks. Dancers will perform a ballet dance in recital.

(4-9 years)

This class will introduce and combine principles of tap, ballet and jazz. This class will perform TWO dances in our June recital (One costume charge). Styles TBD by instructor. This class is great for beginner level dancers who want to try multiple styles without committing to multiple classes.


Ballet classes are the foundation for all dance training. Develop a solid foundation of the fundamental techniques that span across all dance styles. Students practice traditional barre sequences, positions and alignments, and move fluidly across the floor. All RDP students are encouraged to take ballet to learn basic terms, polish skills, and develop the bodily awareness that prevents injury.


Acrobatics is a combination of acrobatic skills and dance. Dancers will work on acrobatic skills while also strengthening their dance technique and knowledge. We focus on 5 categories of movement in our acro classes: strength, flexibility, limbering, balancing and tumbling. Enrollment in acro 3 and 4 by evaluation only.


A dynamic class full of big leaps, fast turns and short combinations. Students explore the exciting spirit of dance as they condition their body, increase familiarity of music and beats, and foster healthy self-expression. All classes are held to popular age-appropriate music and classical jazz dance music.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes consist of upbeat street style dancing to age appropriate hip-hop and pop music. Students explore their freestyle, tackle basic tricks, and learn fun, high-energy dance combinations!


Tap dance is characterized by the sound of metal taps striking the floor. Tap utilizes rhythm, syncopation, and sound in addition to movement. Dancers will focus on building their musicality skills, expression and improvisation to explore new ways of making sounds. Placement in tap classes is determined by experience and skill level. Students often times repeat levels until the have mastered necessary skills to advance.


Lyrical combines elements of ballet and jazz to create a softer style that emphasizes musicality as well as the storytelling aspect of dance. An emphasis is placed on technical training as well as grace and fluidity, and expressiveness to capture emotion through movement.  


Contemporary fuses together multiple styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical. This genre generally consists of floor work, grounded movement, improvisation and versatility of body lines and alignment as well as dynamic movements. Contemporary explores the total movement potential of the body.


This is a *drop-in class for intermediate-advanced acro students. This class focuses on drills that help dancers progress their tumbling skills. Dancers should have their round-off back handspring to take this class.

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